Trevira CS is a raw material for textiles. Fabrics made with Trevira CS are comfortable, durable and fire retardant, all at the same time.

In production
  • No use of solvents
  • No use of compounds containing halogen or nitrogen
  • Due to dyed polymer no dyestuff solutions require treatment at the spin dyeing stage
  • No use of synthetic resins and formaldehyde
In further processing and usage
  • No chemical finish required for flame retardancy
  • No additional finish necessary for easy care properties
  • Trevira CS achives a life cycle more than three times longer than from cotton
  • Trevira CS has excellent resistance properties (colour, light, abrasion)
  • 36% less consumption of water when washing, compared with cotton materials
  • Low detergent requirement, due to less tendency to soil and to easy stain removal
Perfectly Equipped
  • Ideal for use in both the private sector as well as in contract business
  • Many possible applications: drapes, nets, bedding fabrics, roller and vertical blinds, awnings, room dividers, upholstery fabrics, wall coverings
  • Innovative products through continuous development
  • Easy care, low-crease and dimensionally stable
  • Short wash cycles at low temperatures, saving water, detergent and energy
  • Withstands current methods of disinfection
  • High colour brilliance and fastness to light
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Extremely comfortable for upholstered seating due to excellent breathability
  • Flame retardant to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (highest classification - also suitable for baby articles)
  • Kind to the skin
  • Permanent flame retardancy achieved by chemical modification of the polyester molecule is not lost as a result of use, washing or ageing
  • Permanently flame retardant without the use of additional finishes
  • No after-glow, very low emission of fumes in the event of fire
  • Meets the important international fire protection standards, e.g. DIN 4102 Part 1/B1; NF P 92503-507/M1; BS 5867, Part 2 Type C; UNI VF 8456/8457/1; EN 1021 Part 1 + 2 and EN 13772 + 13 773 Class 1
  • Compared with traditional textiles, Trevira CS materials show 39% reduction in total costs (procurement, finishing, maintenance and care)
  • Backed up by general test certification

The Trevira Passport to the Future+