Aesthetic, sustainable and responsible Henskin acts responsibly. We want to contribute to a healthy, sustainable world, and so we do what is within our power; what falls within our part of the chain. And we challenge the other links in the chain - suppliers, buyers and end users - to do the same.

We operate in as climate-neutral a way as possible: even during the design process, we take account of aesthetic and practical life expectancy as well as supply and disposal management. We do this by choosing raw materials which last well, can be produced as cleanly as possible and which it is technically possible to recycle without downgrading. We also employ an environmentally friendly durable finish, if that is even required, and we work with others in our chain with regard to reuse and recycling, etc. We do our best to complete the circle.

In short, we take responsibility for our actions wherever we can. What do you do?

Joop de Hair, Member of the board of the Dutch Textile Institute
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