Mazzo Luce Modesto
by jeroen vinken

Mazzo Luce is a transparent variety of the ravishing collection Mazzo. Striking aspects again are the unusually long repeats and the ingenious use of techniques.

Jeroen Vinken developed his Mazzo Modesto (modest bouquet in Italian) using a computer-operated jacquard weaving machine; a technique, which makes it possible to weave complicated fabrics.

The designs are woven-in. Some threads remain on the surface of the fabric after weaving. Next, these threads are shaved off, increasing the transparency of the fabric in those areas.

Uniquely, the pattern of Mazzo Luce Modesto is approx 45 metres long, so a design is seldom repeated within the same room. This unusually long design offers the opportunity to apply Mazzo Luce in any room in a different way.

The fabrics are woven using Trevira CS; a sustainable flame retarding polyester yarn.

Mazzo Luce is available in three colour combinations: white/white, white/grey and grey/grey.

technique jacquard weave

fabric width 150 cm

repeat length ± 45 metres

weight ± 140 g/m2

material 100% Trevira CS

colour fastness 6-7

fire resistance meets with class B1, M1,
BS 5867 part 2 type C